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Anyone else try out BlueMail? Other Email clients?

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    Anyone else try out BlueMail? Other Email clients?

    I've been using Mailspring (formally Nylas Mail) for 3-4 years but they never seem to want to fix the few annoying bugs:
    • Mail being stuck in Drafts instead of sending even after clicking "Send"
    • Read mail being left in the Unread folder even though marked as Read
    • The annoying way replies are displayed - if there's many, they aren't in chronological order.
    I, once again (it seems to be a bi-annual event), I went looking for alternatives and found "BlueMail". The Ubuntu default is a snap (of course) but there's a downloadable deb on their website, so I installed that.

    2 small hiccups right away:
    1. It installed fine but wouldn't launch. Launching it from the CLI revealed this error:
      [2556:0921/] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye.​
      A very brief web search and I found the solution: add "--no-sandbox" to the launch command. Once I did that it launched correctly.
    2. It wouldn't initially allow access to my gmail account. The authorization window in my browser opened as I would expect but after providing permissions, it just sat showing a spinner and so did Bluemail. The third time I tried, I entered my email address sans "" clicked on a provided "" button in the set-up account window. This worked immediately on loaded my emails. I also authorized calendar and contacts access (which Mailspring doesn't have). I then added my work gmail account as well.
    My initial impression is very favorable. It easily allows me to select either account separately or select a "Unified" view. The calendar view is interactive (I can create, edit, and delete events) an the unified view combines the two calendars very well. The contacts work as well as the calendar.

    The only negative so far is it doesn't appear to have a way to theme the application. You can select colors, but not change the window/menu structure. They claim "themes" on their website, but it's really just colors. There are a handful of settings - mostly turning things on or off.

    They have "Plus" and "Business Pro" version that have a monthly fee and more features, but the base level is free.

    I've started using it as of today so we'll see how it goes...

    Please Read Me

    I used to use Blue Mail on my phone for my personal email accounts (supplied by may domain provider), but recently went back to K9 about a year ago, which finally seems to be a solid stable product.
    I didn't know that BlueMail had a desktop client, but maybe they didn't have one when started using it on the phone.

    I still use web mail on my computers. Laziness? I do prefer to keep each account a separate entity, so to speak.

    Blue's theming seems to be a paid option.

    I am waiting for Merkuro to get its email client out of beta (read-only, and not complete), a simpler email client may be worth looking at , for me.


      Merkuro looks a LOT like Mailspring, which is fine.

      There'a an "AI" email reply feature on Bluemail I will try out.

      I've run into one thing about Blue Mail don't like already - appears to be no way to pop-out an email to read/reply outside the main app window. Mailspring does that and it's good to be able to keep the main window tucked into the corner while still having a larger interface when writing an email. Sort of fits into my workflow

      Please Read Me