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My PC or TV going wonky

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    [SOLVED] My PC or TV going wonky

    So a couple of days ago, my TV is half dark, then then next it's totally dark, no "TV image logo" or anything. Yesterday I was watching a show, when the sound and video went all screewy like a scratch on a dvd. Randome horizontal lines everywhere.
    NOW. Since I've had the new TV, it has been difficult to get the timing correct on the "power up sequence" so the TV picks up the PC hdmi signal.
    Today, I managed to get it to work second time around, only for a few seconds later the mouse froze, the a few seconds later I notice a few random short horizontal lines. Not as bad as the first time it did it yesterday but nothing is responding.
    As a secondary check, I found out I cannot remote into the PC hdd's.
    SO. The HDMI is plugged into the motherboard. the Graphics Card Slot is currently used by a HDD expander.

    Q. Is my PC on the fritz, dying like so much else in my life, or the new TV playing up?

    I could go the whole hassle and swap my main PC monitor and the new TV Vice-Versa to double check, but it's a HASSLE to get in behind the desk.

    No I don't have a spare monitor lying around. I did, but it popped it's power module start of the year.

    Thanks Community
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    Sounds like a bad HDMI cable could cause that or a bad video setting like refresh rate.

    I have no idea what you mean here: "As a secondary check, I found out I cannot remote into the PC hdd's."

    Nor do I understand "the Graphics Card Slot is currently used by a HDD expander".

    Gonna need more details a specifics before you'll see much here in the way of advice.

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      Without further information given, you could test the different hardware devices first one by one, e.g.:
      - change the HDMI cable for one you know is working
      - change the TV for another output device (your old TV, another monitor?)
      - change the onboard graphics HDMI port for another port, if available (or install a graphics card with HDMI, if possible)
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        Further informtation,
        hdmi is plugged into Motherboard. The 16x slot normally used for a graphics card is used by an 8x HDD ex pander card with 2x4 lots of hdd mounted in zfs.
        After posting, the whole PC went dead. What happened was I was watching something, and then it suddenly stopped like a scratch in a CD or DVD. The last 1/2 second of audio and video. This is when I physically powered off the PC via the PSU switch. and powerbuton on monitor was still working. It wasn't the screen, it was before the screen.
        results new motherboard/cpu/ram
        Thanks for your replies. looking for new motherboard post wont boot current linux system