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Memory leak?

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    Memory leak?

    I'm wondering if there's a memory leak in Plasma 6?

    I'm currently using 8.4Gb of RAM, more than double of what I was using in Plasma 5 with just Thunderbird
    and Firefox running! I have opened and closed some apps during the day but even then, that's a lot of
    RAM still in use!
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    I haven't noticed that (yet?).

    You could keep Konsole with htop open during your day and observe if something causes this.
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      I haven't here. I *am* using 8gb out of 32, but 5 of that is just chrome, firefox (both with a LOT of tabs and profiles open), and steam (which is idle, no game, and using 1.3 Gb??)

      If it were a leak, your ram levels would rise, and keep rising, I think.

      But look at plasmashell and kwin-* processes, as well as any widgets - I have heard that some report that these might be a place to look.
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        8gb seems like a lot. I have 2 browsers open with dolphin, yakuake and partition manager and I'm using 4.2ish (5.2 if you include.

        Have you open Info Center and looked at System Monitor to see what using the space?

        I have not seen any memory creep here, but I have had widgets in the past do this.

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          I just turned on my PC and started Thunderbird and Firefox with 10 tabs and my memory use is 4.5Gb.

          I'm sure it was around 3.6 to 3.8Gb with Plasma 5 first thing in the morning!
          Constant change is here to stay!


            Browser tabs can vary a lot in their memory usage; scripts can load up gigabytes.
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