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    Printer settings UI is broken?

    Eufy RoboVac 11S Review: A Simple Alternative Solution

    Not every robot vacuum is the same, and this Eufy RoboVac 11S will give you a different cleaning experience compared with other models, such as the Roomba lineup.

    Known for its simplicity and low price, the 11S is one of the Top rated best vacuum cleaners on the market. But can its simple design make it clean better? Let's find the answer with our article.


    The character "S" in "11S" means "slim," but you also interpret as "sleek" because it's the word we use to describe this robot vacuum.

    The RoboVac 11S is actually a short machine. With a height of only 2.85 inches, it can go under a low-profile stove or couch with no problem. Though having almost the same diameter as the iRobot Roomba 690, the RoboVac 11S gives you a modern feel to its design thanks to its small bumper. This goes hand in hand with the premium, reflective black color, and the glowing control button.

    Combining rubber fins and bristles, this top vacuum cleaner has just one roller brush, but it does its job pretty well. Right on the sides of this Eufy vacuum are the side brushes, and in the front, you can see two rubber wheels. This is also where the swiveling wheel is located, the same mechanism on the Shark and Roomba robots.

    The dust bin has a clamshell design. When you dump the collected dirt into a trash can, expect a lot of dirt around on the air. Eufy, in fact, recommends you to clean these two filters in a bin using a cleaning brush.

    The included home base has rubber strips, which make the vacuum not push the base around your house.

    The remote control has rubberized buttons and an LCD screen. If you forget the function of any button, just flip over the remote and read the codes on the battery cover.

    Using the functions wired into those buttons, you can start an edge cleaning, spot cleaning, or an auto cleaning operation according your personal preferences. The control of the Eufy RoboVac 11S is totally at your fingertips with the directional arrows, that you can take advantage of to prevent it from getting into trouble. The ability to set up a daily cleaning schedule is also available, but this doesn't have a modern feel to it.

    One limitation of the RoboVac lineup is the limited range of the remote control. Around 23 feet is where you can run into trouble when trying to move the 11S. You may need to come closer for the vacuum to detect and respond to your commands Best vacuum cleaner for home.


    Its simple mechanisms mean that starting the RoboVac 11S takes little effort to use. After unboxing it, you just need to charge it at the base, put batteries into the remote control, and that's it. You can begin to use your new robot vacuum right away!

    Although the RoboVac 11S requires a pretty wide space around its base to function, the machine will not have any problems returning to the base even if you put the base in a restricted corner.


    Even though the RoboVac 11S has a low speed while approaching large objects, such as a wall, it does keep a steady pace even when it runs into those objects. It has a decent cleaning performance despite its compact size. Sometimes the 11S goes into low-profile furniture to clean up the dirt and gets stuck. In this case, you will need to rescue the machine manually.

    The brush is removable, just like other robot vacuums. But cleaning debris from the brush is not an easy job at all, even when you use the cleaning tool that Eufy has provided for this situation.Pros and Cons

    • Affordable
    • Simple to use
    • Can clean low-profile furniture

    • Gets stuck often
    • No mechanism to avoid obstacles

    Our Verdict

    The RoboVac 11S from Eufy is a decent budget robot vacuum if you just want a simple and cheap automatic solution. But on the other hand, you need to pay a lot of attention while it's operating. When you need a stronger suction power to deal with more debris or want to free your mind completely to let your vacuum cleaner take over the cleaning of your house, other models from other Best vacuum cleaners: The vacuum cleaners you need to buy with an alert feature are more suitable.

    Check that your user is in the "lpadmin" group. KDE's system settings doesn't do that any more, I don't know why, so in a konsole run the groups command. (sudo usermod $USER -a -G lpadmin is one way to add your user to the group.)

    On the Ubuntu community help wiki I found this:
    In order to perform administrative tasks via the web interface, you must either have the root account enabled on your server, or authenticate as a user in the lpadmin group. For security reasons, CUPS won't authenticate a user that doesn't have a password.
    Maybe you've ran afoul of that last proviso, I didn't know about it.
    Regards, John Little