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The 5.14.0-1024-oem kernel came down the pike

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    The 5.14.0-1024-oem kernel came down the pike

    this afternoon. When I rebooted my WiFi wasn't working. I had gotten it to work previously by using the info at this website. But with the new kernel the dkms stuff didn't install.
    In checking the available modules for 5.24 I noticed that the only one it had for the rtl8821ce chip was rtw88_8821ce, which didn't work on 5.13. I gave it a shot anyway
    modprobe rtw88_8821ce
    and it worked! It has been running all afternoon without failing and gives a speed of about 433 mbps of my 533 mbps connection speed.
    I did
    depmod -a
    to permanently lock it in and made sure the previous blacklisting's of that driver, required by the dkms solution, were eliminated.

    I was also able to see access points from my Buffalo N600 router and connect using them, but I decided that the Miredo (Teredo) IPv6 tunnel was working well enough that I didn't need a hole in my cable modem firewall, so I bagged the Buffalo up and added it to my parts bin. With the addition of "filter-aaaa-on-v4" set to "false" in FireFox "about:config" it works on IPv6 sites as well. I have it set to default to IPv6 and fail over to IPv4 in 1 second.

    All's well in the garden.
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