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    KDE neon FAQ

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    DISCLAIMER: While it should not need to be stated, the following IS NOT our (KFNs) FAQ on KDE neon; it is copied (and accessible) from the URL above. If any of the information shown here is found to be inaccurate, posting commentary about it in KFN won't affect any changes or updates to the FAQ. Please refer any such commentary to:
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    What is KDE neon?

    KDE neon is a rapidly updated software repository. Most users will want to use the packages built from released software which make up our User Edition. KDE contributors and testers can use the packages built from KDE Git in the Testing and Unstable Editions. It uses the foundation of the latest Ubuntu LTS (22.04).

    Is this "the KDE distro"?

    Nope. KDE believes it is important to work with many distributions, as each brings unique value and expertise for their respective users. This is one project out of hundreds from KDE.

    Will there be a version using non LTS Ubuntu releases?

    No, we plan only to base on the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, this comes with Linux and graphics stack updates to keep drivers relevant. We will backport other software as needed.

    Is it a distro?

    Not quite, it's a package archive with the latest KDE software on top of a stable base. While we have installable images, unlike full Linux distributions we're only interested in KDE software.

    Is it a rolling distro?

    Not quite, it's a package archive with the latest KDE software on top of a stable base. Unlike rolling distros only the KDE software will be updated continuously.

    What is the difference between KDE neon and using plain Ubuntu?

    KDE neon will provide users with more up-to-date packages of Qt and cutting-edge KDE software.

    Why Ubuntu?

    We use Ubuntu as a base for KDE neon because the KDE neon team feels it offers the best technology as a stable release and the best third party support. The KDE neon team is familiar with Ubuntu having worked with it for over a decade. We also feel that Ubuntu users will miss out if they do not have up to date KDE software. It is otherwise unrelated to the Ubuntu project or Canonical.

    Can I turn Kubuntu into KDE neon with a PPA?

    We recommend that you install a fresh KDE neon from the provided ISO images. But you can indeed add an APT repository to switch from Kubuntu to KDE neon. This is absolutely not tested or supported. If things take a turn for the worse you are expected to be knowledgable enough to repair your system on your own. A web search should quickly give you relevant information on how to do this.

    Is KDE neon an add-on to Kubuntu?

    KDE neon sits on top of the Ubuntu core foundations, which means the majority of software built for Ubuntu core will work fine, even when not explicitly supported by the KDE neon team. KDE neon is however not compatible with Kubuntu, as there is vast overlap in the base offerings of both Kubuntu and KDE neon. You can not use both systems at the same time. Installing KDE neon will simply replace Kubuntu.

    Can I use a desktop other than Plasma?

    This probably won't work (probably won't even install). It most certainly isn't supported even if the desktop installs. KDE neon focuses on KDE software, most other software is not supported and you should not be surprised if you can not install it or it stops working at any point in time due to an update.

    Is KDE neon 64bit only?

    Yes. As computers without 64bit have become increasingly rare, we have chosen to focus our resources on higher-quality 64bit builds.

    Why are the download mirrors not https?

    The mirrors are generously donated for KDE use by various organisations but several don't support https so our downloads are http only. However the images are GPG signed so you can be sure they match what was created by our builders.

    What is KDE?

    The KDE® Community is an international technology team dedicated to creating a free and user-friendly computing experience, offering an advanced graphical desktop, a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and entertainment and a platform to easily build new applications upon.

    How do I Update to the Latest Software?

    KDE neon does continuous deployment of the latest KDE software which means there are nearly always new versions of our software to update to. We recommend using Plasma Discover's updater which appears in your panel:

    If you prefer to use the command line you can use the pkcon command:
    • pkcon refresh
    • pkcon update

    This will install all new packages and uses the same PackageKit code as Plasma Discover. Some uses of apt do not install new packages which makes it less suitable for KDE neon.​

    (last updated: Aug 14, 2023)
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