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Broadpwn - CVE-2017-9417

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    Broadpwn - CVE-2017-9417

    Warning: Broadcom 43xx routers have a security hole:
    "I would rather have questions that can't be answered, than answers that can't be questioned." ― Richard Feynman

    from a page describing the "broadpwn" exploit

    WiFi chipsets are a different story: Here, Broadcom are still the dominant choice for most popular smartphones, including most Samsung Galaxy models, Nexus phones and iPhones. A peculiar detail makes the story even more interesting. On laptops and desktop computers, the WiFi chipset generally handles the PHY layer while the kernel driver is responsible for handling layer 3 and above. This is known as a SoftMAC implementation. On mobile devices, however, power considerations often cause the device designers to opt for a FullMAC WiFi implementation, where the WiFi chip is responsible for handling the PHY, MAC and MLME on its own, and hands the kernel driver data packets that are ready to be sent up. Which means, of course, that the chip handles considerable attacker-controlled input on its own.
    Another detail sealed our choice. Running some tests on Broadcom’s chips, we realised with joy that there was no ASLR and that the whole of RAM has RWX permissions – meaning that we can read, write and run code anywhere in memory. While the same holds partially true for Shannon and MediaTek basebands, Qualcomm basebands do support DEP and are therefore somewhat harder to exploit.
    i7 4core HT 8MB L3 2.9GHz
    16GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX 860M 4GB RAM 1152 cuda cores