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Random mouse pointer freezes

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    Random mouse pointer freezes

    Hope, this is the right forum...

    Kubuntu 14.04 (thought I upgraded to 15.04, but system info shows only 14.04, I have a very bad memory) on laptop Samsung R540. Kernel 3.13.0-74-generic, KDE 4.13.3, 32-bit.

    Haven't changed anything recently, except for the regular updates. But for a few weeks now the mouse pointer randomly freezes (everything else seems to keep working). Un-/plugging the mouse doesn't have any effect, pointer stays where it is. I have to restart the computer to get it working again. I can use the keyboard to close programs & to click restart, but on shutdown the computer stops working completely with only the "Kubuntu" logo showing.

    The pointer almost only freezes after a time of inactivity (except for once when it froze in mid move), but this time can be anything from 2 seconds to 30 minutes or so. Seems unrelated to energy saving options, screen saver etc.

    Touchpad is disabled (& always was, never used it).

    Re-installed mouse drivers.
    Even bought a new mouse. (Well, you never know...)
    Tried rmod / modprobe like here:
    Tried /etc/init.d/hotplug restart .

    Don't know what else to try. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    you could try "xinput" see man xinput ,,,,,,,,run it with no options to get a list of the device id's then maby the --watch --reattach or --enable options

    i7 4core HT 8MB L3 2.9GHz
    16GB RAM
    Nvidia GTX 860M 4GB RAM 1152 cuda cores


      Thanks for the input. Will see whether I can do something with it when I'm not so tired...