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Recent AMD GFX Cards - no boot

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    Recent AMD GFX Cards - no boot


    I have install new AMD hardware, namely the graphics card R7 370.

    I boot to a black screen from a fresh install. To get to the desktop I must add a line "nomodeset" to the grub boot configuration, this or install the AMD catalyst driver from the recovery boot.

    Unfortunately whenever I install or remove from the recovery command line; whenever I reboot into desktop I am unable to login with my username and password. It makes to login then will dump me back at the login. The login seems to have been more sensitive to change outside of desktop since 15.04 but this seems irrelevant to my post.

    Searching the internet I have found that there maybe an issue with power management settings and I can confirm the same graphics card as the freedesktop forum-er. I also get a power management warning when executing startx from recovery command-line.

    They have some alternative methods to attempt on the freedesktop forum I will post the link here.

    I have not attempted the methods on that site, during beta I will be updating them every week presuming they are successful.

    Kind Regards,

    Basil Dazz