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    Avatar utente - User avatar [RISOLTO]

    Sono nuovissimo di linux e ci capisco veramente molto poco.
    Ho installato la versione di Kubuntu23.04 Plasma 5.27.4.
    Ho provato invano in tutti i modi a caricare l'immagine del mio avatar utente.
    Sarei grato a qualcuno che sapesse se è possibile e gli sarei molto grato se
    potesse fornirmi istruzioni dettagliate (in modo semplice).
    Grazie e saluti.​


    I'm brand new to linux and I really understand very little about it.

    I installed the Kubuntu23.04 Plasma version 5.27.4.

    I tried in vain in every way to upload the image of my user avatar.

    I would be grateful to someone who knew if it is possible and I would be very grateful if

    Could provide me with step-by-step instructions (in a simple way).

    Thank you and greetings.​
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    Try click your "start" button lower left taskbar.
    System Settings.
    In System Settings, type in search...... Users.
    Select Users.
    Click on the Avatar to the right that is above your user name.
    A change avatar pop up box will open,
    you can select Choose File.
    It will ask you for your password, then it will place your new avatar.
    That is how it works on my Kubuntu 22.04 KDE Plasma desktop.


      The above advice seems correct, but if choosing a new file isn't working for, the default (old school) way is to make your desired avatar in a PNG file and save it as ".face" in your home folder. There should also be a link in your home folder of ".face.icon" that links to ".face"

      Post back if you need instructions on how to do this.

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