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boot speed dependent on quiet/splash choices?

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    [GRUB] boot speed dependent on quiet/splash choices?

    If I have no grub kernel boot options, i.e. I see the boot messages and such, it takes ~25 seconds to boot to the login prompt.

    If I add "quiet splash", it takes only 15 seconds.

    I tested this because I always noticed that the boot messages seem to print to the terminal slowly, and seemed like a bottleneck (visually, anyway).

    I prefer to see the boot messages as it boots, but I like the speed. Any way to fix this? Thanks!

    it has to show info, which takes longer time to display, and be somewhat viewable. The minimal video driver used for this is a limitation in itself. As many things are happening in parallel these days, the console is not showing everything. Often when there is a freeze or crash during boot, what is visible on the screen has zero to do with the step that the event occurred, iirc due to the limitations of this minimal video setup.

    I am sure there are grub option to use a different framebuffer driver, or a different type altogether, but I have no idea. it is above my pay grade though I did look..

    you might see if replacing 'nosplash' etc with just 'text' and see if that speeds it up, perhaps.
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    I'll ask Jeeves


      Thanks. I won't worry about it too much. :-) If I have a boot issue I know how to look further...