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Boot Fails after Latest Upates with: starting version 219

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    Originally posted by NoWorries View Post
    Sounds like every system is different. Because I broke my system installing the NVIDIA driver, I decided it would be faster to reinstalled my system using the 21st March iso.

    I did not have any problems with reformatting the / partition. What I always have problems with is that when it advances to Disk Setup it just sits there doing nothing. During this time it is downloading. After a few minutes of waiting I abort the installation and restart it. I then find that it advances to the Disk Setup and it proceeds without any problems.

    I certainly hope your system is up and running to your satisfaction.
    It's running fine
    Just to be clear. Using the something else option
    Then point to the desired partition/s
    In my case sda5 was for / and I set it to format
    sda6 for /home, not format
    It proceeds from there with the usual setup of user and the slideshow, but looking at the details of what is happening, the installer is just stuck on dealing with the formatting of sda5
    I manually formatted sda5 out of the live system and then returned, set sda5 as / again, but not to format and the install completes
    Also using the 21 March .iso
    64 bit
    kubuntu 20.10