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Thread: FAQ: Kernel

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    FAQ: Kernel

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    Getting different Kernel (binaries)

    > Kernel
    You could get the kenels from the ordinary repositories but also from the:

    > kernel-ppa
    3rd Party Repository: kernel-ppa

    This repository is available for: Lucid
    Title: Maverick kernel backported to Lucid

    Ubuntu Kernel Team Daily Build PPA
    At the moment there is available the 2.6.37 for the Lucid

    > Kernel MainlineBuilds
    Generally Ubuntu systems run with the stock Ubuntu kernels. However it is handy to be able to test with unmodified mainline kernels...

    Binaries from the other Ubuntu releases

    You could download the kernel binaries from the old or new Ubuntu releases.

    The Natty Narwhal is under development and it is getting the new kernels.
    Browsing to the > Natty-changes >> linux 2.6.37-12.26 and downloading the binaries from there:

    • linux-headers-2.6.37-12_2.6.37-12.26_all.deb
    • linux-headers-2.6.37-12-generic_2.6.37-12.26_i386.deb
    • linux-image-2.6.37-12-generic_2.6.37-12.26_i386.deb

    Installing them
    sudo dpkg - i *.deb
    Rebooting and there is a new kernel

    [Image] disappeared]

    Tuning / Rebuilding from the Ubuntu kernel sources

    > Kernel Compile

    > How to compile a Ubuntu Lucid kernel

    Cleaning >
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    Re: FAQ: Kernel

    Nice! I really wish we could have an easy gentoo-type way of downloading source packages and recompiling and installing them. I am very well aware that this will not affect performance spectacularly. But it would be nice, especially if coupled with a nice GUI to set up compile flags tailored to your system.

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