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Please read before posting in help the new guy

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    Please read before posting in help the new guy

    Welcome to KFN. You're about to post in the Help the New Guy forum.

    1) Please include the following information in your posts:
    • The version/release of Kubuntu you are using.
    • Whether Kubuntu is actually installed, or is running "live" from a bootable USB Flash Drive or LiveCD.
    • If Kubuntu is installed, is it the only OS on the PC, or is it installed alongside another OS (Windows or ...) or is it installed in a VM (Virtual Machine)?
    • The version of KDE Plasma installed.
    The first and last item can be obtained by pressing Alt+F2 and typing: About this System and pressing Enter/Return.

    2) Information about your PC:
    • Open a konsole and type: inxi -F --xxx
    If inxi isn't installed (unlikely, but...) then type: sudo apt update && sudo apt install inxi. When installation is completed, run the command above.
    • Copy and paste the output.

    This information saves everyone a lot of time (and possibly wasted effort) when attempting to assist you with your question/inquiry/problem.

    Thank you.
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