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HOWTO: Using btrfs subvolumes for home data files

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    About slow btrfs, a few days ago I partitioned my new hard drive using the partition manager on the 12.04 Beta-1 live CD.

    Because this partition manager doesn't 'do' btrfs I left the partitions empty, the actual formatting was done during the install.
    Then I installed 12.04 which went quite quick.
    Next I did a full update and it lasted all night...
    The next day I found similar problems copying 150 GB of photo's.

    Because of this I decided to use ext4 for the back-up install and behold, all worked nice and fast.

    Now I wanted to reformate the btrfs install to ext4 from the Live CD and when in the Manual mode to assign the partitions I got an error about the first (/) partition being misaligned.
    I proceeded to repartition as part of the installation, so not using the partition manager and gave brtfs an other chance.

    Now both installs, ext4 and brtfs are fine.

    I get a feeling the lack of brtfs support in the partition manager made for the alignment error when I formatted to brtfs as part of the install process and this in turn was causing the slowness.