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    Fonts on KFN

    The new vBulletin is a great improvement in function, thanks to all involved.

    I dislike sans-serif fonts, especially in technical contexts, as they're hard to read. To get them on KFN now I have to resort to unchecking "Allow pages to choose their own fonts", which affects the browser globally and breaks some sites.

    Can the styles set the font? If so, could I have a dark on with a serif font? Or does someone know a stylus user style that can be applied?
    Regards, John Little

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      If you have Firefox and Stylus (without altering any of the browser's defaults), doesn't

      * {font-family: Ubuntu !important; }

      You can apply the style specifically for KFN:

      Click image for larger version

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      Kubuntu 20.04


        Fantastic, thank you, just what I'd hoped. (font-family Serif.) I've often tried to learn a bit about CSS, but I've got lost in the weeds every time.
        Regards, John Little