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Opening email links from thunderbird?

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    [SOLVED] Opening email links from thunderbird?

    Upgraded from 23.10 to 24.04, so now have the "benefit" of thunderbird in snap form. The problem is that clicking on links in emails no longer opens them in a web browser (as worked perfectly fine previously). Even right-clicking and selection open in browser doesn't work. Default browser is set to google chrome in the kde system settings.

    Is this a "feature" of the thunderbird snap, or has something else got messed up during the upgrade?

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    You could try if this also happens with the "traditional" Thunderbird.

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      I have also now discovered that clicking on email attachments, e.g. pdf files, doesn't work either. They fail to open in the pdf viewer......


        Belated follow-up. I uninstalled the thunderbird snap and installed the deb from the mozilla team ppa. Problem solved. Did the same for firefox while I was at it.

        Somewhat resented having to mess around like this to restore basic functionality. This was actually on my wife's PC - I switched to Manjaro on my own PC a couple of years ago as a 'snap protest' and haven't regretted it despite Manjaro being higher maintenance.