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Really slow printer since upgrading to 22.04

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    Really slow printer since upgrading to 22.04

    I have an HP Officejet 4632 that has worked like a champ up until the upgrade to 22.04 LTS. It takes a very long time to process and print a document. I am using the provided driver and System Settings recognized my printer ok, it's just very slow. I tried using the hplip driver, but it doesn't support 22.04 and doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I tried using the hplip driver, but it doesn't support 22.04
    I haven't used an hp printer in years. Are the hplip drivers in the repos (discover, muon, synaptic, apt at the command line).
    If not, have you tried the website? I am not at my Kubuntu box right now, I am typing from another distro.
    I say that because there is a note there at the driver downloads, and I do not know right now which python version is used in 22.04 off the top of my head, but I am thinking it is higher than 2.6:

    Advanced Option

    Advanced users may wish to download the HPLIP tar package.

    If your Python version is 2.6 or greater, please download this HPLIP tar package. (Download Tarball Digital Certificate) What's this?
    If it is not in the repos, try using the above method. Read the links, specifically "What's this?" If you still do not understand post back here, detailing whether or not you found it in the Ubuntu repository or tried the .run file for ubuntu from the HP driver page. If not and you need to use the advanced method because python requirements, post that back here and someone can walk you through it.


      I think I figured it out. 22.04 really doesn't like the hplip drivers. I discovered if you cycle power to the printer, kubuntu will recognize it with the driverless cups and install the appropriate cups. You should remove any printers installed with hplip and everything works fine. As usual kubuntu works great IF you know the tricks.