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    Installed rtl8812au and do not know what header file is needed. The repo offers a long list of header files. Any help is welcome!

    Originally posted by golf4fun View Post
    Installed rtl8812au

    Installed how?
    You should already have the headers installed.

    Assuming you have installed the package rtl8812au-dkms. If so, then you need the package linux-headers-generic, which will pull in the correct headers for your kernel.
    But these are included on the OS image that is copied to your drive, so you should already have them.
    If you don't, then:
    If you are 100% without internet, you will have to match the headers to the kernel you have. uname -r will show you that.
    If this is a fresh install, and you have not updated over ethernet or anything, the headers can be found on the install disk or iso image, under
    I am not near my 22.04 install, so I can't say exactly which package it will be atm, though others may chime in before I am able to

    I'll ask Jeeves