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Touchpad not sensitive enough for registering taps

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    Touchpad not sensitive enough for registering taps

    I looked online for a solution to this but fond mostly people complaining their touchpads are not sensitive enough. Mine is fine, but sometime taps are not registered. It seems to me those are "small taps", that are quick, with little pressure. Often I use the tip of my finger in a way that very little skin comes into contact with the touchpad and then the tap is not registered. It most likely happens when I use side of my fingers that are a big pointy with some dead skin. If i remember correctly, exactly he same taps on Ubuntu 20.10 on the same hardware used to be registered.

    I am using synpatics driver and tried lowering FingerLow and FingerHigh settings but that has not changed anything. I think I would need to decrease the area that needs to be touched for the tap to register, but I cannot arrive at a way to do this. Any ideas how to change this?

    Needless to say, taps not registered are highly frustrating.

    I too, use Synaptics on my HP laptop (specifically, so I can have the 'disable touchpad when mouse is detected). In System Settings > Input Devices > Touchpad > Sensitivity there are two settings: Pressure for detecting a touch and Pressure for detecting a release. Have you examined those?
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      Yes, I tried playing with those, they change the FingerLow and FingerHigh values, no? I tried lowering them but there is not much improvement I think. They seem to need to stay quite close to each other?

      I also tried playing with

      libinput measure touchpad-pressure

      but I do not understand it much. when I lowered FingerLow and High, it would start registering even some quicker taps as events, but I do not think it resulted in more taps being registered when trying to use the system.


        Hm, when I switch to libinput, it seems to be registering the taps much better. And there I thought Synaptics was generally beter (I miss some option of Snaptics though).