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Kmail, Gmail and the returning deleted mail

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    Kmail, Gmail and the returning deleted mail

    I have a problem with Kmail, specifically by using a Gmail account via IMAP.

    Like you certainly know, Gmail let's you use many labels, that are displayed as folders. When I delete a message from one of these, it should also be deleted from all the others containing it, since is the same message which has been marked with different labels.
    But Kmail has a different behavior: if I delete the said message, it still appears on all other folders (also on "all messages"), so I have to delete it manually multiple times. The worst thing is that it don't really get deleted at all, since when the program checks for new mail, all those deleted messages are shown again.

    How can this be solved?

    Labels <> folders. IMAP, not knowing anything about labels, has to treat them as folders. But since Gmail allows a message to have more than one label, there's no IMAP equivalent for this, since a message can't be in more than one folder.

    I'll describe my Gmail and KMail configurations; with this setup, I don't experience the problem you mention. Perhaps this will work for you, too.

    Gmail settings | Forwarding and POP/IMAP | IMAP Access
    * When I mark a message in IMAP as deleted = Auto-expunge off
    * When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder = immediately delete the message forever

    Gmail settings | Labels
    * System labels | All mail = NOT selected for Show in IMAP
    * System labels | Trash = selected for Show in IMAP

    Configure KMail | Accounts page | Gmail account | Modify button | Advanced tab
    * Trash folder = Gmail | [Gmail] | Trash

    If you've named your Gmail account resource something other than "Gmail," then substitute that for Gmail in the last step above.


      Thank you, I applied the settings inside Gmail and now it works like I want to!