Well, this is just about as DUMB a thing as I have ever done.

I use the big black "Dashboard" on the Kparadigm Shift big screen t.v. rig and for some stupid reason, instead of clicking the shut down button to "shut down" i right clicked and deleted the thing!

A) so at first i thought i would have to use terminal to "restore gnome panel settings etc, but then...nooo...

B) I figured that the complete panel might be a "widget" and it is, but it does not have all the other stuff in it that i presently have and does not have the Kubu "look" etc.

C) so, just fiddling I went down to the "restart" butt on and hovered it and WOAH... those three buttons at the bottom ( logout , reboot, shutdown ) are really..."favorites" !!! WHO WOULDA THOUGHT... :0

So, I just went over to settings and dragged the "shut down" button to the left and there it is!!

this is a great example of how some talking head revieweres say that the plasma desktop is to "finiky" but also a great example of how it can be "fixed with a mouse click" ...IF one knows just what to click!

And, I'm sure that this is buried somewhere in KDE documentation but ... how would you find it? Basically this really IS something that one knows "from experience".

I'd suggest to moderators that this thread might be kept here for the "noobies"... or not!