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Thread: xsane will only recognise the scanner when run as root.

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    xsane will only recognise the scanner when run as root.

    My problem is the scanner can not be used except as root, it is an Epson V600 and the driver installed without problems.
    Last time this worked without problems was (I believe) on 16.04.

    Judging by what I find on DuckDuckGo and Google this has happened to others.
    And I believe I've in the past had a similar problem, then the solution was to add the scanner to my user group or me to the scanner group.
    But this does no longer work.

    I just followed this site and the scanner is working.
    But I'm not very charmed by making the user (me) owner of the USB port.

    Any ideas what else I could/should do?

    A PS, thanks to Rog131 for his suggestion to use the lxqt user manager:
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