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Thread: Kubuntu 19.10 Ark can't open some zip files

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    Kubuntu 19.10 Ark can't open some zip files

    Good day.

    Ark seems to be having problems with opening some zip files.

    For instance, when I try to open zip files exported from I get this error:

    "Ark wasn't able to open XX. No suitable plugin found. Ark doesn't seem to support this file type."

    1) Inxi output


    kde PPA added

    2) Installed Ark modules:

    Bzip2 Gzip Info-zip Libarchive Libzip LZMA P7zip RAR Unarchiver

    I can open the same archive files in Ark in Ubuntu 19.10 (gnome), but it fails in Kubuntu 19.10+PPA (kde).

    What gives?

    Thank you.

    PS So far it has been happening only with zips files from (start designing-select a template-export)
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    I'm not sure what's going on there; something to do with zip64 support maybe.
    Quote Originally Posted by reddit
    PS It looks like it has been happening only with zip files from
    Anyway, a workaround is to use unzip in a konsole. I downloaded a test from and unzip extracted stuff from it no trouble. In theory, one could compose an Ark module using unzip.
    Regards, John Little

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