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Thread: kblankscrn.kss on login

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    kblankscrn.kss on login

    Hi Ive just started using kde4 today and on my last couple of logins a screen is popping up with the header kblankscrn.kss it is just a black box that doesnt seem to do anything. Is this bad and what can I do to stop it happening? All I have really done that could have messed things around was trying to compile a few different plasmoids unsuccessfully so I dont know if it would be related to something I have done there.

    Also a second problem I have just had on my last login is that 2 of the widgets I have on the panel (the show desktop and show dashboard buttons) have disappeared and are now just blankspace. When i right click where they should be it mentions being an unknown applet. When I re add the show desktop applet it also appears as a blank unknown applet, while the show dashboard widget has disappeared from my list completley. Any ideas?


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    Same here I get as many as eight "kblankscrn.kss" blank screens on restarts. Using 12.04 lts with KDE 4.10


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