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    [Errors] dual boot problem

    Hi wondering if anyone can help me here. I have a slimbook came with windows 10/kubuntu installed dual boot. I was having an issue where the settings app wouldnt work in windows so i was trying to trouble shoot. under run: msconfig.exe i changed from selective boot to normal boot. Now i am unable to boot into kubuntu on startup it is no longer available as an option. (used to have the option on black screen now its a windows blue screen with options for windows 10 on volume 3 and another for windows that doesnt work) any suggestions on how to revert?

    Look at your Bios settings. and change the boot order to have Kubuntu as the first selection. As Kubuntu has its boot menu where you can select windows (that black screen), this won't break your dual boot.

    Windows sometimes likes to reset things, and have itself as the main boot OS, and I will imagine that your adjusting the boot settings may have caused it to do that.
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