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kactivitymanager database 30GB in 3 days?

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    kactivitymanager database 30GB in 3 days?

    Greetings fellow users,
    My first post here, so briefly: I've been using Xubuntu since version 12.04LTS, and switched completely to Kubuntu around 18.04LTS, which has been my daily driver ever since.

    I upgraded my old trusty X201 to 22.04 and immediately hit some serious performance problems, mostly related to my account configuration (i.e. not affecting newly created users).

    The process kactivitymanager took a heavy toll on the CPU (fans running non-stop day and night) and started creating a database under ~/.local/share/kactivitymanagerd/ that - in just a few days - took over the entire remaining disk space on my SSD.

    I had to delete all the files in that directory, and after reboot I'm enjoying some quiet time (no fans), but what can I do to prevent this from happening again and getting locked out?
    Removal of that package wants to uninstall the entire DE

    Any thoughts? Thanks!

    I'm not sure what kactivitymanager is for. Try creating a new user account. You can create it from System Settings.