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Computer crash after rendering scenes in Blender

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    Computer crash after rendering scenes in Blender

    Apologies ahead of time if I am doing any of this wrong or not filing the report correctly, I am a novice when it comes to this and only recently got into the world of Linux. Please guide me and ask for any further info you need. I've provided additional info of my system down below.
    I am using Kubuntu 22.04 LTS with the latest 5.3 ROCM and HIP drivers from AMD to get Blender to pick up my GPU, which was successful and for awhile it ran flawlessly, but I've seen now that every once in awhile when I render a scene in Blender, it would freeze and crash the computer. Just keep in mind this happens infrequently and I haven't been able to exactly replicate it as it seems random. I think it sometimes even crashed when I just had Blender open in the background doing other things, but so far at least it seems like the culprit is Blender with the ROCM drivers.

    When it crashes, there would be this graphical visual tearing happening on the screen as it turns back on and off consistently and never stops. You cannot do anything in this state at all and would require a reset of the computer.
    I took a video of the incident that you can watch here of it happening after another render:

    I do not know where it stores any crash logs, so please tell me what files I need to upload for you guys or what you would need

    After each crash, I would see this in the Compositor Settings of the system:

    After this happen a few times above, I unchecked "Enable on startup" and did not Re-enabled this, but I think it still crashed again.
    I listen to the warning it was giving and tried to upgrade to the latest stable Mesa drivers.
    So I upgraded from an older 20 version to this version:​

    Sadly it still crashed. Here is the info of my system:

    I've reported this bug on the ROCM issue github page, but I wanted to get your guy's advice as well, to see if you might know what the issue is.
    Thank you so much in advance! Appreciate the help.