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    Hi all,

    I had a pair of discs mounted in raid mirror.
    An automatic suse update killed the system and although the raid reported no problems after boot, the system just hung.

    I don't have enough knowledge or skill to re-install without endangering all my data, so i've removed those mirrored drives from the machine.
    This was not the first time that an automatic update from suse had killed, and serious rebuilding had to be done.

    Enough was enough, I looked for a reliable, stable platform and have chosen Kubuntu.

    Having installed Kubuntu, I then had an opportunity to look on one of the raid drives.

    Loads of directories there but when I look at
    It's empty!

    I don't believe it's empty for a minute, but whatever is there , it seems linux is not able to read it.

    This must be down to raid and I don't believe for a moment that /home/ and the subsequent directories have been erased, but nothing I've read so far, gives me any serious clues.

    I can use some of the technques mentioned to search for bad sectors, but that's not what I need.

    I am scared to put the two rescued drives back into their array, because I have no idea what will happen to them then!

    I am currently running KUbuntu from sata 3 and have to hit F1 to get it to boot.

    My plan now, is to fit a new ssd in the prime drive position, install KUbuntu there and learn how to get to keep my /home/ on another drive all together.

    On and off, I have been using suse for 25 years so switching os is a little painful.

    Well guys and gals, your wit and wisdom is sorely needed!



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    When you installed Kubuntu 20.04 did you choose the BTRFS file system or did you go with EXT4.
    I suspect the latter. If so, then install BTRFS from the repository. Then you can mount the /home directory as a BTRFS drive and things should show up. You will be able to browse those subvolumes with Dolphin and move files from it to your new /home/username account.

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