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Thread: Primary Display not Primary on Docking Station

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    Question Primary Display not Primary on Docking Station

    I am having issues on Kubuntu trying to use my docking station. I have 3 displays on a docking station.

    Upper Left - 1440p monitor set to 1080p at 60HZ (can Display 165hz, but unsuccessful on Linux; Freesync)
    Upper Right - 1440 x 900 VGA Monitor
    Bottom Center - 1080p Laptop Screen; Supposed to be my primary monitor

    The monitors are connected to my laptop via a Docking Station on the Displayport over USB-C; I try to Plug and play my setup because I do not need multiple monitors all the time.
    When I set my monitors in the display properties, the primary is set to the Bottom Display, yet the upper right monitor gets attention such that the fullscreen menu and applications open on the upper right monitor rather than the laptop display.
    Here is a view of my setup and the settings from the Display settings.
    Feel free to ask more questions if necessary.


    Drive Link for image -
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