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Thread: Audio latency - can it be adjusted?

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    Audio latency - can it be adjusted?

    I rarely use sound notifications but I do like the audio notification when I hit the Caps Lock or the Num Lock keys, and the ding when a system notification appears. I am often looking at another computer when mine goes off.

    However, the lag to the first sound is significant. Very I would say. I can hit the caps lock, type a SMALL word, and hit the caps lock again, then both sounds - one for ON one for OFF - occur immediately one after the other. It's several seconds so that's forever in PC time. For a short time after - a few seconds, the lag is gone - it's like the sound system has to wind up. I notice it when I first start a video or music file too, but it catches up quickly and never lags during playback.

    I know there's a low-latency kernel but I've never been able to get it to work without trouble - as in it won't boot on my system. I guess I'll try it again, but I was wondering if there was some other way this could helped - the lag reduced.

    EDIT: Doesn't look like the low latency kernel can co-exist with a regular one. I'm not trying to break my system, just sayin'. I guess I can do a new install and try it.
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