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Thread: KDE Connect - Okular - cannot open file on smartphone's SD card

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    KDE Connect - Okular - cannot open file on smartphone's SD card

    hello everyone,

    I have a Nokia 6.2 linked to Kubuntu 20.04 via KDE Connect. The connection seems to be working ok, except that the error (on the screenshot in attachment) randomly pops up when

    1) I copy & paste one PDF file from Dolphin to the Nokia's SD card - and then try to open the same file on Dolphin (via KDE Connect);
    2) I try to open a PDF file previously stored on the Nokia's SD card (previously copied and pasted there from Dolphin / Kubuntu 18.04 - via an external card reader).

    For some reason, it happens randomly. Most PDFs are affected, though (roughly 80/90%). Furthermore, and re: 1): Android 9 cannot open the transferred PDF ("cannot display PDF - xxxx.pdf is of invalid format). On the other hand, for instance, if I upload this very file xxxx.pdf to a cloud and download it onto the Nokia's SD card, I can open it on the phone, but...can't open it on Dolphin (via KDE Connect). Again, this happens randomly, for some reason.

    I've come across some people on various forums having similar issues (bug?) but I can't gather enough information to sort this out by myself. Any chance you could help? Many thanks!
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