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    [Office] Switching from Windows to Linux

    Hey guys,
    since years I'm hoping in my free time between different distros because I like the Linux feeling. Now I keep Kubuntu in dual boot with Windows because I like Kubuntu as it is. Like once a year I try to check if Linux is offering me the same office working experience as MS Windows and Office are doing. I noted for me couple of points are keeping me away from switching completely to Linux. I think I googled enough to say for the moment it is not possible to solve them. I thought I will open a thread and discuss with other Kubuntu users, and maybe now or later the devs will consider some of these points to implement and make some people happy

    1. Full preview of files (pix, Office, PDF) in the file manager incl. scrolling and copy of text.
    2. Mail client with preview (pix, Offcie, PDF) like in Outlook
    3. Mail client with a possibility to search for text in attachments (PDF, Office) like in Outlook
    4. Mail client with a possibility to attach recent used files by max 2 clicks (menu point with a list of recent used files) like in Outlook

    Even if I like Linux a lot I can't switch completely because of these points due I'm using them a lot and this would reduce my productivity due I'm using this functions like thousand times a day.

    By the way for Office things I use OnlyOffice because of high compatibility with MS Office.

    Maybe somebody agree with me or have a solution

    Originally posted by w202mg View Post
    I'm using this functions like thousand times a day
    If this is literally true, then there might not be a good solution for you, else you would have found it years ago in Kmail, Thunderbird, or Evolution. Even Microsoft has moved Office to The Cloud, anyway.
    1. Nope - I don't think anyone actually wants a file manager that does all those things internally, anymore (bloat). Try Konqueror, it used to do all that stuff back in the day
    2. Your web browser? The vast majority of people, even in business setting, are using browser based email. Even previews of files are a potentially very bad security hole.
    3. probably Kmail, in Plasma?
    4. probably Kmail, in Plamsa, at least from the file manager. I can't say too much, I have not used actual Outlook in ages and ages,
    if you are looking for 100% feature-for feature, button-for-button parity with Office, you simply are not going to find it, period.

    Office=many people, lots of money, and many years
    Open Source alternatives= Some volunteers, little to no money, and usually spare-time development.
    I'll ask Jeeves


      For starters, you should consider running Windows in a VM rather than dual-booting. I highly recommend using QEMU/KVM over VirtualBox. The learning curve is higher but it's way more stable IME.

      The benefits for doing this are:
      • You'll have a better chance to find alternatives for many of the Windows tasks because you'll have both OSs running at the same time. You can try tasks in both environments side-by-side.
      • You can very easily make snapshots and backups of your entire Windows install - the ultimate in virus protection and "broken" updates.
      • In the event it's needed, your Windows install is now transportable. I.e. you can easily move it to another computer or a different drive, etc., without re-installation.
      • You can more easily share files between the OSs.
      • Windows will "boot" in about 3 seconds from a VM and shut down equally quickly.
      • You don't have to give up MS Office if you don't want to. As a many-year user of both MS Office and LibreOffice and variants (StarOffice, OpenOffice), the others just don't stand up to MS Office in some areas. I really only use Excel anymore but the latest LO Calc is almost as good.
      A bonus is it's even legal. The MS licence allows for a virtual install.
      Some of your work flow issues can be solved but not "free"of cost. Like WPS Office or other paid alternatives. I have yet to discover an email client as integrated as Outlook is, but I have always hated Outlook and would quit my job if they forced it on me. There is an email client that works with Outlook - Zimbra - but it's been years since I tried it. I really mostly use webmail on my phone and Mailspring on my desktop. Mailspring is OK, but not a replacement for Outlook. Of course, I'm using the free client. There is a subscription version that has more features but I haven't the need so haven't tried it.
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        Originally posted by oshunluvr View Post
        I highly recommend using QEMU/KVM over VirtualBox. The learning curve is higher but it's way more stable IME.

        To add to the above, virt-manager is a very nice GUI for this, and on 22.04 seems improved/smoother over the version available in *buntu 20.04, which already is quite good, and performs much better than VB or Vmware.
        I'll ask Jeeves