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​docking station Dell D3100 - display NOT working

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    ​docking station Dell D3100 - display NOT working


    I have been using kubuntu for the last year and a half, it is my first topic and it concerns a connection with a dockin station, Dell D3100.
    As i can see, Dell has drivers only for windows, but I contacted Dell and it told me that ubuntu drivers have been released, unofficially.

    I found the drivers from here:
    I followed the driver installation process and after that i followed this intructions from here:
    which i found in the Dell community, here:

    So, all peripherals, mouse, keyboard, speakers are installed and working perfectly but the screen is not recognized.

    is there anything else to try? does anyone else have a similar problem?

    Thank you

    The Dell link is broken, so I wonder if the second link is older/outdated?

    Which Kubuntu version?

    Assuming you followed the instructions fully and completely, with no errors present?
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      Also some interesting content on
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        Hi, thank you for your reply.

        i have Kubuntu 20.04.

        I completed the process you sent to the link above, actually it was the same process I did.

        Specifically, I got the message on the last screen, where Xorg is active. I disconnected the dock before install and reboot the laptop after that.
        All peripherals working perfectly except screen.

        I do not know what else to do.


          I do not know if it matters that I ran the latest drivers provided by displaylink: