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Kubuntu 18.04 Failure

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    Originally posted by jglen490 View Post
    "This is the problem with free software - the person doing the development makes the rules. Feel free to develop you own installer, learn how to use another one, or work within the limitations of what has been provided - for free."

    I hope that wasn't directed at me. I was having an installation problem that manifested itself in the way I described it. I don't think I called any dev a "jackass" or a "dummie", or a "klutz". Just presented what I saw, and now after looking for and reviewing posts on the subject, I have learned a lot and am prepared to press on with my next try.
    Not directed at anyone, just stating a fact as I see it. It is truly something to keep in mind as you navigate the various things that may or may not work the way you wish. In practical application since Linux is openly developed, you can actually contact the person(s) responsible for a particular program and ask a question (like Why did you do this?) vs. with MS when you'll get some phone jockey with no real knowledge about what you speak of and no investment is the outcome of the conversation other than to check a tally box. I've done this many many times over the years and sometimes been met with obstinance but more often a good discussion and sometimes even results. Either way, since I'm not the developer and I'm not paying for the service they provide, I forge ahead and deal with it as I must.
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      Great! I'll be waiting until 18.04.1 shows up.

      I don't do fancy computing; I don't have a rack of servers in my spare bedroom; and I don't have reliability, uptime, and maintainability SLA objectives in support of external customers to be concerned with. I have one simple desktop that's up everyday, and sleeps every night. So all I need is about 120GB or so of space for what makes me happy. So far Kubuntu has been the best solution to that over the years, and this one's not going to get me down again ;o)
      I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.
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