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Scrool speed settings missing on kubuntu

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    [CONFIGURATION] Scrool speed settings missing on kubuntu

    After i switcher to linux scroolling speed setting gone missing, this really messes my workflow and speed of my actions. We need scrooling speed asap in settings.

    This may help you. I verified online that imwheel is available in the most recent ubuntu respositories. This is a link to an online guide on how to get it installed and working.
    It was written a little over a year ago. I cannot confirm this works but it seems to be a legit app. If you can copy and paste you should be able to get it working. Others have said this worked for them and this was what they were looking for.

    A little tech info about why this feature is missing from KDE Plasma per a KDE Contributor:
    Libinput doesn't actually offer this setting, which is why it's not available when you're using Libinput. On Wayland, we were able to add the feature by scaling all scroll input in KWin since all input goes through KWin. However on X11, we can't because input goes through something other than KWin: it's the xf86-input-libinput driver which we don't control. The support would need to be added there before we could add a UI for it in System Settings.
    Good Luck!!