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Looking into Lunar Kubuntu 23.04

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    At least Kazam works very well on X11. Today I used Kazam on Lunar with X11 to record a video for my Wife and it worked perfectly I am sure that the Wayland package imv is not designed to handle applications such as Kazam.


      Only 1 month left before the release of Lunar Lobster 23.04

      This last month has, for me, been eventful. My first event was from the Lunar kernel update to version 6.1 on my Laptop which has an external monitor with only a NVIDIA video card. The end result was my Laptop became unusable because of the Kernel 6.1/NVIDIA card incompatibility. To fix this, I decided to install Kinetic 22.10 on it which didn't have the Kernel 6.1. It is now working very well. This laptop has only one video card (NVIDIA) and no other alternative standard card to access.

      The other event was with my LTS Jammy System which is in a separate partition on my HP Laptop with an AMD video card and an external monitor as well. This system has the pre-release plasma and frameworks which resulted in the system being unusable. So I replaced my 22.04 LTS Jammy by 22.10 Kinetic and all is now working very well.

      So until NVIDIA software is upgrade to accommodate Wayland and the 6.1 Kernel, those with no alternative video card to the NVIDIA card are rather restricted in what system is available for use. If you have a second video card, which in my case is an Intel Core i7-8705G with an AMD video card, you can use Wayland 100% of the time. So we wait patiently for NVIDIA and AMD developers to update their software to accommodate Wayland and Kernel developments so we can utilise the full potential of these video cards.

      Now the Table below shows a summary of the System Info changes over the last month.​
      Info Centre Item 2 Month Status 1 Month Status
      KDE Plasma Version 5.27.0 5.27.3
      KDE Frameworks Version 5.103.0 5.104.0
      QT Version 5.15.8 5.15.8
      Kernel Version 6.1.0-12-generic 6.1.0-16-generic
      This just shows a summary to all the major Info Centre Versions. I am now greeted with a pleasing new snow capped mountain background for the login screen.

      For those who have systems which will work with one of two video cards, the performance is fantastic and a pleasure to use. Congratulation to the developers on the progress made with Lunar development.