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    [RESOLVED] autologin / guest acount

    Hi. I have installed 23.10 from 23.04 and now I don't see the option to disable autologin or allow guest account, how can I fix it?
    Thank you.​

    System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM) and uncheck Automatically log in:

    To add a new user: System Settings > Users and click on Add New User
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      AFAIK, the "Guest Account" or more properly "Guest Session" doesn't really exist anymore. You could try this: but it's based on 16.04 and I have no idea if it would work now.

      You can do a web search and find 100's of posts asking about how to enable a guest session dating back to 2016 but all I could find was complaints that it no longer existed and even a bug report on SDDM as a regression that needed to be fixed.

      From what I can find, only LightDM still supports guest sessions. I took the simple route and just made a user account called Guest and gave it the password guest. You could just switch to LightDM and be good to go, or create a guest account and have it automatically wipe itself on each log out. You probably would want to set it as passwordless also. Self-wiping would be really simple of you use BTRFS. You could simply create the guest account and have it's home in a subvolume. Then on log-out, delete the subvolume and restore it from a "clean" snapshot.

      ​I think what you will want to do will depend on how often you expect a guest user to use the system. I my case it was rarely so I didn't bother wiping it after each user.

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        Thank you very much! Now it's working