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xwayland appears to not work

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    xwayland appears to not work


    I installed Kubuntu 23.04 on a friend's computer and added the kubuntu-backports repo. When logged into a wayland session X11 apps don't seem to work. Brave and chromium show an empty window frame which never gets drawn, and steam games fail to launch.

    It is probably worth noting that she has an nvidia gpu with the latest proprietary driver.

    Any clues as to what this might be? I checked and xwayland is installed.


    I would check in Device Manager to make sure the correct version of Nvidia is installed. The "correct" version does not necessarily equal the "latest", or "earliest". Just whatever 23.04 expects to see.
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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll be visiting her tomorrow so I'll have a look then.


        I believe the 525 version was installed before.. I tried to install 535 and rebooted, but the system would lock as soon as it tried to load a graphical environment. I reverted to 525 and it's acting strange in wayland again. Now the cursor was unusably slow ( 1 frame every 5 seconds or so). This seems to be the way things are in wayland now. I guess switching to 535 and back did something else unexpected.

        I'm a bit confused as to why installing 535 is a big problem for kubuntu. I have zero experience with nvidia drivers but I know they have a bad reputation.

        I also notice that I'm on Plasma 5.27.4​, but from what I can tell kubuntu-backports (which I have installed) is supposed to be on 5.27.7.
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          NVidia drivers are linked to specific Nvidia cards.

          So, match your drive to the GPU vesion:

          Linux x86_64/AMD64/EM64T
          Latest Production Branch Version: 535.104.05
          Latest New Feature Branch Version: 530.41.03
          Latest Beta Version: 535.43.02
          Latest Legacy GPU version (470.xx series): 470.199.02
          Latest Legacy GPU version (390.xx series): 390.157
          Latest Legacy GPU version (340.xx series): 340.108
          Latest Legacy GPU version (304.xx series): 304.137
          Latest Legacy GPU Version (71.86.xx series): 71.86.15
          Latest Legacy GPU Version (96.43.xx series): 96.43.23
          Latest Legacy GPU Version (173.14.xx series): 173.14.39
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