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Bluetooth only workin after hibernation (rtl8821ce)

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    Bluetooth only workin after hibernation (rtl8821ce)

    Hi all,
    I tried to get my Bluetooth working. It is the combi device rtl8821ce in a HP.
    I never manage to get it to work (not in 20.04, 20.10 nor in 22.04)... At least, this is what I thought.
    Today, I played with some setting and hibernated my laptop. After staring the system again (from hibernation) my Bluetooth device was visible and working!
    This does not work with suspend or reboot or any other option, only after hibernation.

    Do you have any idea what might be the solution? Also, please tell me if you need more info (with the commands).

    This is lsusb when the Bluetooth is switched on (after hibernation):
    Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:b00a Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Realtek Bluetooth 4.2 Adapter

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    I have an HP desktop PC also with an rtl8821ce (different ID, iirc)
    I played around with getting Bluetooth to work consistently for quite some time - off and on for a few years now. I don't care about the Wifi support, though that works fine.
    You might try this:
    For me, it made the time between Bluetooth fixing a bit longer, but never cured it.
    it is not difficult to install, despite the lengthy instruction.

    When my BT would stop working, I could only get it to work after booting to Windows . It took me ages to figure that out, as I rarely boot to that.
    I don't know why, or how. I suspect something on the motherboard or bios, and booting to Windows reloads some firmware, or activates something.
    Perhaps hibernation does something similar,

    I gave up and moved to an old usb dongle I had in my junk drawer, otherwise I'd have bought an Intel wifi card, which are inexpensive and well supported in Linux.
    I'll ask Jeeves


      Originally posted by claydoh View Post
      You might try this:
      For me, it made the time between Bluetooth fixing a bit longer, but never cured it.
      Yes, I have been through all these tutorials already (this is not the only one). The only thing I got working was Wi-Fi (and Wi-Fi just works with the rtl8821ce driver in the repository). But apparently Bluetooth does work and did work all this time, but not with a normal boot. It is really weird. I think it is something that comes along in the kernel when starting up from hibernate…. But what??