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Setting up my canon mx922 all-in-one

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    Setting up my canon mx922 all-in-one

    Hello all. I'm trying to use Kubuntu 22.04. Now I've read and tried all the different setup scenarios on these forums and nothing is working. Albeit that these setup scenarios are like 5 or 6 years old. Does anyone have a more recent set of instructions to guide me along to set this printer up before I move on to another OS? I really like ubuntu but if I can't use this printer, then what's the point?

    My machine is an older Samsung RC512, about 11-12 years old, but still runs fine, with a 600gb hd and maxed out at 8bg ram.

    So, any advise or suggestions will be appreciated.

    John Paul

    If a different OS works.....
    But it is extremely likely that other distros may face the exact same issues.

    USB connection, or wireless?

    Oddly, Canon are weird, and don't offer Linux drivers, except via their Asia or Europe websites

    If you are doing wireless, you won't need any drivers installed at all, but will have to follow your user manual directions for connecting your printer to your wifi, if it isn't already.

    If via USB, you will need to download and extract the contents of the file (grab the .deb version near the bottom of the page if using the second link)

    Then you will need to open the directory you extracted the files to, hit F4 to toggle open a terminal , and type: sudo ./
    and follow the prompts.

    Report any issues you come across.
    I'll ask Jeeves


      Thanks for the info claydoh. Now that I know on wireless you don't need any drivers, I'll go thru my Ubuntu flavors and see which one, if any, will work for me. I also have Linux mint and pclinux on usb as standbys. If not I don't know, I don't want to put windows 10 back on it.
      I'm running it on a 11 year old Samsung rc512 with 8gb ram, fyi.



        Linux Mint is excellent for beginners btw. I love KDE but Mint is very easy to install, setup, and use. They also have a great user forum with really helpful people. Something to consider. Ubuntu is great for beginners as well, but don't be afraid to give Mint a try. Most flavors of Mint are Ubuntu based as well. Another one to consider would be MXlinux. It is ranked number one on DistroWatch and does a great job of "hand holding" by providing custom apps to help the user navigate and administrate the system. They have very friendly forums as well. Many people start out there and move to Ubuntu at some point, or vice versa. Many Linux users are very hoppy people!


          thanks for the info rab, I'll be giving them a try as well