• If You Get Blocked From Accessing Our Forum

    Kubuntu Forums . Net uses ZB Block, a PHP-based protection script for websites / forums / blogs / other CMS platforms. It acts as an anti-spam and anti-hacking protection layer. Simply put, it protects us from unsavory types; bad bots, hackers, and spammers primarily. The reality however, is that ZB Block isn't perfect (nothing is), and you can find your self blocked -- denied access -- to our forum even though you are a 'good guy'. ZB Block provides a means to report the block to us via an email that contains the block information. Unfortunately, due to changes in "something", some affected souls find that the email that is opened (for sending to us) doesn't contain any data (the body of the email is completely blank). This has been reported to us, and we are looking into it.

    If this happens to you, make a screen shot of the 403 FORBIDDEN! screen and attach it to the email, and tell us in your own words what you were doing when the block happened. Of course, you can ignore it completely; it's your choice; but if you don't send in the email with the attachment and your explanation, we won't know you were affected, and won't have the opportunity to possibly find a solution.

    Kubuntu Forums . Net doesn't want to discourage good people from accessing us. But we also don't want the bad people from accessing us, meaning a constant, delicate balancing act to keep the 'good people' happy, and the 'bad people' away.

    We hope you understand.