• What is Kubuntu Forums? Why Should I Join?

    What is Kubuntu Forums?

    We are, of course, a Kubuntu Linux Support Forum. But we are also much more.

    Established 2005-07-17, Kubuntu Forums was the idea made real by our host, Open Source. Little did he know then, that his idea would grow into the active community of Kubuntu Linux enthusiasts it has become. Why was KFN started? Why do people join? Why do they stay? Who are we?

    Why was KFN started? Open Source's inaugural post was short, direct, and to the point:

    "This site is devoted to providing help to Kubuntu and Ubuntu users."

    That tenet is the underpinning of what KFN is all about - providing help - to any and all who come here. Our only requirement is that you join our growing community. As then, joining is completely free.

    Why do people join? Principly, so they can ask questions. Posting is a privilege of membership. But why here? KFN is all about Kubuntu Linux, the KDE variant of Ubuntu Linux. Those who use or are considering using Kubuntu need a place they can ask and get answers. To gain understanding of Kubuntu Linux, and as often happens, to 'pay back' the assistance they receive, by helping others who are seeking answers to their questions.

    Why do they stay? That's harder to answer, as there are as many possible answers as there are members. Each has their reasons, but a common element, regardless of their reasons, is that being a member here means being part of a larger family of like minded Kubuntu enthusiasts. Like any family, there are disagreements at times. But KFN is an open and tolerant family. We work hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome, and that their participation is both wanted and valued. That is our goal.

    Who are we? We are people, human beings; male and female, young and old; experienced and inexperienced, educated and street smart. We are diverse but sharing a common passion - Kubuntu Linux.

    What should KFN members and visitors expect? All free software projects have distinctive cultures. So do their support forums, both official (like that for Ubuntu) and unofficial (like KFN). One of our notable distinctions is that, within reasonable bounds, posts of topics unrelated to Kubuntu or Linux are allowed here. Our Community Cafe forum and its subforums contain lively discussions and cantankerous debates over subjects often prohibited on other technical boards. Why? We are humans, diverse and opinionated. We are also good friends. Our regulars enjoy challenging and learning from each other. Conversations can occasionally become contentious, but our members exhibit an uncommon degree of self-discipline and rarely attack individual persons. Newcomers used to certain limits on conduct may be surprised when they first encounter such a conversation here. Again, we are not and do not intend to be a professional support forum for Kubuntu. We do not charge for membership nor are we part of a corporation: we are Kubuntu Forums, a distinct community with a unique culture.

    If this sounds intriguing to you, we encourage you to join and 'be welcome'. If you are already a member, thank you.

    KFN Administrators
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    1. Frank616's Avatar
      Frank616 -

      Nice intro, and well expressed. One of the reasons I stay is the overall positive atmosphere here. I have seen messages that 'bait' the community, but the members here take it in stride, and try to help rather than retaliate. I like that.

      I'm also pleased to see that you appear to invite the indexing spiders. I've seen messages show up in a web search within hours of posting. This gives the forum a much wider reach, and is therefore a much greater asset to the Linux community as a whole.

      This is a well run forum.

      Thanks for your tireless work here, as well as the other sysops. We appreciate you all.

    1. HalationEffect's Avatar
      HalationEffect -
      I agree with Frank that there is much to like about KFN, and that the site admins have much to be proud of.

      On the subject of minor errors in the article, I also spotted "privlege", which is missing the second 'i'.

      I know that Britains use a lot of 'c's where North Americans would often use a 'k', but I've not seen that particular spelling of 'considering' before.
      Psst, that should be "Britons"... and I'm a bit baffled about the C vs K thing for 2 reasons: firstly, never heard such a thing before (S vs Z, sure, but not C vs K), and secondly, it doesn't apply to the word "considering" on either side of the Atlantic
    1. Snowhog's Avatar
      Snowhog -
      Thank you for the comments and for the spelling catches. Both are appreciated.
    1. Frank616's Avatar
      Frank616 -
      Psst, that should be "Britons"
      Hah! Good catch!

    1. Detonate's Avatar
      Detonate -
      Why do people stay? Because when you are a member of this forum you are made to feel as if you are a member of a family.
    1. oznola's Avatar
      oznola -
      i am here less than 24 hours so i don't have allot of opinion about how things are run. but i like that it's small. and i like that those i have had discourse with seem competent and knowledgeable about the communities core asset.

      the people who first proposed solutions for my issue were wonderful and really made me feel like family.

      i'll probably stay because KDE is the only distro that at least has an implementation for the features i am looking for in a platform for applied computer science research.
    1. Frank616's Avatar
      Frank616 -

      but i like that it's small.
      That is one of the really appealing things to me as well. There are some general Linux sites that are SO big that they get really impersonal. You never really get to know anyone.

      those i have had discourse with seem competent and knowledgeable
      Yeah, they know their stuff, don't they!

    1. judedawson's Avatar
      judedawson -
      Thank YOU, Snowhog
    1. blackneos940's Avatar
      blackneos940 -
      I'm happy to BE here!..... :3 And yes, it IS better than toast with Premium Jam....... :3
    1. woodsmoke's Avatar
      woodsmoke -
      LOL even "ask Yahoo" catches your stuff!