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    Kubuntu Forums . Net already has paid subscriptions, which help tremendously in keeping what has become, in our humble opinion, the premiere Kubuntu Linux Support Forum on the Internet -- for the benefit of all. But some have asked if there isn't a way to help KDE itself, financially. There is.

    Join The Game is another way to "Show your love for KDE".
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    1. pookito's Avatar
      pookito -
      I did not know that you had paid subscriptions? Where can I hear, read, more about it?
    1. Snowhog's Avatar
      Snowhog -
      On the Articles page.
    1. benny_fletch's Avatar
      benny_fletch -
      Also (just FYI on how to purchase said subscriptions):
      "Settings -> Paid Subscriptions"
    1. GerardV's Avatar
      GerardV -
    1. Feathers McGraw's Avatar
      Feathers McGraw -
      Joined! Thanks for sharing Snowhog, wouldn't have known otherwise.