• Want to help support KFN financially? Now you can.

    As of March 19, 2012, members who want to help support KFN financially can do so with a Paid Subscription. This is completely voluntary, and membership in KFN continues to be free. But for those who find KFN to be a resource worth supporting, and want to help, now you can.

    When you are logged in, click on Settings to go to your User Control Panel. Scroll down and click on Paid Subscriptions. We have seven subscription levels:

    Active Supporter.........($ 12.00 USD per year)
    Sustaining Supporter.....($ 24.00 USD per year)
    Professional Supporter...($ 36.00 USD per year)
    Bronze Supporter.........($ 48.00 USD per year)
    Silver Supporter.........($ 60.00 USD per year)
    Gold Supporter...........($120.00 USD per year)
    Endowment Supporter......($250.00 USD per year)

    KFN isn't providing any premiums "at this time" for paid subscriptions other than our sincerest gratitude and the custom Rank Badge shown above, which will appear above your earned post count KFN icons. (UPDATE: Effective August 3, 2013, all paid subscriptions provide the ability to bookmark threads and/or posts.)

    Hosting a forum isn't without costs, and those costs have to be paid. Hosting and Licensing costs take the lions share, but other expense exist as well.

    We have no idea how many members will want to help support KFN financially by purchasing a Paid Subscription. But every subscription purchased is gratefully received.

    We are sensitive to our members, and recognized that many don't want any sort of 'in your face' campaigns in KFN. Paid Subscriptions satisfies these concerns.

    Funds received from Paid Subscriptions go entirely to the running and maintenance of Kubuntu Forums.

    Thank you.

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      Thanks. (Never hurts to post in this thread--it does draw attention, in lieu of advertising.)